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We do not have any pups available at this time -
we may have a litter some time this summer

Have you ever thought about adopting an older terrier? 

If you have no small children or other small pets (such as cats), often a mature adult is a good choice. Jack Russells generally live long lives - average 14-16 years - and are still VERY active into their teens.

We do have a couple of mature adults who are retired from hunting and breeding that we would consider rehoming to the right situation. It can be very rewarding to give a "retired" terrier a home - they make great companions, require less training than a young puppy, don't chew up the house, and are very loving 

A securely fenced yard and living within reasonable driving distance is a MUST. Any adult terriers placed in a new home is done so with the understanding on both sides that if he/she does not work out for any reason they immediately come back to us.

If you might be interested just give us a call!


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