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Sales Policy

We breed very few litters, and pups are sold only to approved homes.  Our main concern is that the terrier AND owner are well suited  for each other. If you are interested in a puppy, we ask that you review the following:

  • A suitably fenced yard is a MUST.
  • No large kennel situations please.
  • No pet environment where no one is home for more than six hrs/day.
  • Please have thorough understanding of the working terrier characteristics.
  • Not recommended for children under the age of six unless parents
    have a serious understanding of the need to train child in how to handle a terrier.
  • Do your homework -- review the JRTCA's web site: www.terrier.com
  • If you are out of state and can't come to visit, we may ask you for references.

Our prices are very reasonable, but our requirements for placement are stringent. We care about our terriers first and foremost.... if you care about dogs as we do, we hope you will understand that our concern in screening potential buyers is for the best interest of our dogs. 

When we sell a pup, or an adult, we hope it will be a home for their lifetime.  However, in the event it does not work out, or the terrier needs to be placed elsewhere, for whatever reason, we will take our terriers back at any time. 

 We occasionally have young adults or older puppies for sale; we enjoy raising a puppy and feel that it is sometimes a better choice for some situations.  Whether you are looking  exclusively for a pet, a working dog, or a quality terrier to breed, an older terrier that is mature is often the  best way to know for sure what you are getting, both in looks and personality.  Jack Russells vary greatly  in size, coat, and personality.... with their broad standard and varied background, it is impossible for even the most experienced breeder to be sure how a young puppy will mature.  It is often very rewarding, and very pleasant, to start out with a little bit older terrier.(Pups out of Briarpatch Honey by Meynell Triple)

 We guarantee the health of all terriers; each terrier placed will have all proper innoculations and wormings,  and a health certificate, as well as the complete pedigree and stud certificate required for registration.

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