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We have given you a look into our pedigrees by listing the sire and dam, and sometimes grandparents, of each terrier. If you are interested in our  terriers and wish to have a complete pedigree on any terrier, please Email or call and we will be glad to provide you with that information.

We strongly believe that pedigrees should NOT be published on the Internet, and that pedigree information should be shared only between serious Jack Russell enthusiasts. It is our opinion that while the Internet is a wonderful tool, it should be used wisely and conservatively.

Unfortunately  there are unscrupulous breeders, puppy mills, and other sellers who are very interested in the Jack Russell Terrier's profit potential in today's world.  There are many dogs being misrepresented as Jack Russell  Terriers.  Jack Russells have been stolen throughout the country.   "Papers" are needed where none exist.  Yes, these type of people will probably find their information elsewhere... but we feel more  comfortable that it will not be from our public display of information.

We have seen the Internet misused and abused in the Jack Russell world.  Many good terrier folks have found themselves the target of abuse and attack by nameless individuals.  It seems some find it easy to disparage others and their terriers on such a public forum -- easy because they do not need to be responsible for their nameless actions.  It is unfortunate to realize that these type of people exist in our world of working Jack Russells... this totally uncomplicated, wonderful little working terrier.

While we value the Internet for communication, it will never replace personal contact between serious, honest individuals.   We welcome calls or visit from anyone interested in our terriers, or in the Jack Russell Terrier in general.

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