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History I

Maven's Tailor
13.5", harsh smooth coat, JRTCA Reg #129-87E
1986 - 2004

Tailor was a strong part of the foundation for our line of terriers. He was one of the most outstanding workers we've ever owned, with a terrific temperament, and the conformational attributes so  important to a good working terrier. He held a JRTCA Bronze Medallion for Special Merit in the Field, and won many JRTCA Working Terrier Conformation Championships over the years.  He was one of the top dogs in the JRTCA for many years. Tailor was imported from the working kennels of Alf Edmunds in Aldershot, England. It was a sad day when we had to put the old man down due to old age complications at nearly 18. He will always hold a special place in hearts.

Briarpatch Jake
12.5" smooth coat; JRTCA Reg #130-87A
1986 - 2001

Jake was a special little guy, born and bred here on the farm. His pedigree goes back to the working bloodlines of the Foxwarren and Sayner kennels in England. He was a keen working dog, holding the JRTCA Bronze Medallion for Special Merit in the Field.  He was a strong cornerstone of our breeding program, and a big part of our life. We will always miss this little character.

Briarpatch Hanna
13", JRTCA Registration #A237-92,  1991 - 2000

 We sadly lost our Hanna at a young age due to a heart condition.... it was a sad day at Briarpatch and we will always miss her.   Hannah was a wonderful terrier, and the dam of many of our favorites. She was sired by Meynell Ringo, out of Target (sired by Pleasant Valley Pistol). She had a very special personality, and was a very dedicated and loyal companion. She held a JRTCA Bronze Medallion for Special Merit in the Field, and produced many outstanding pups including Honey,  Hasty, and Maggie, who have carried on for her in our breeding program. Hanna will always holds a very special place in our hearts and always be remembered as one of the best terriers we've ever had the pleasure to own.

Briarpatch Brady
13" brkn, JRTCA Reg #A50-90, November 1988 - 2002

Retired early due to a health problem, Brady was one of the best JR personalities we've ever had the pleasure to know... he enjoyed a life of retirement and house, puppy and grandchild sitting for many years. He was out of Chloe by Jake, and sire to Bo.

Foxwarren Cooper
1982 - 1999

Cooper was our first quality Jack Russell.  She "ruled the roost" in our home for many years, and was one of the best workers, and best companions, we've ever had the pleasure to know. We put her down in February 1999  due to old age complications.  It was the most difficult thing we've ever had to do, and we miss her terribly.  Cooper will always be remembered as "one of the best."

Briarpatch Bo
1991 - 2006

Bo was out of Trish x Brady, 12.5" broken tri. He was an absolutely wonderful little dog who gave us many wonderful terriers over the years... we miss him so much!! He lived a good long life, and died from natural causes.

Maven's Trish
12" rough, JRTCA Reg #E128-87, 1986 - 1999

It was a sad day when we lost Trish. She was a very important part of our foundation, and one of our best field workers (JRTCA Bronze Medallion for Special Merit in the Field). She is the dam of Bo, and produced many very good, small working terriers. She is terribly missed, and we will always remember her.

Curborough Chloe
1985 - 1998

Chloe was truly a  grand terrier, and one of the cornerstones of our breeding program. She was a great worker, with an outstanding personality... a beautiful terrier in every way. It was a sad day when we had to put her down due to cancerous tumors and a heart condition. She is the dam to Brady. She will always carry a special place in our hearts, and her strong character and appeal carry on in her many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Briarpatch Brat

Brat was out of Briarpatch Hanna x Briarpatch Bo, 13" tri smooth. She was a great working bitch, with a harsh smooth coat and a very independent personality. She died from a heart condition, but left behind a wonderful daughter (Bunnie) and several great grandchildren.

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